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your professional and competent partner when it comes to innovative and contemporary products and applications in the areas of masking and masking tape and adhesive tape, painters crepe for the professional craft.


Painters’ masking tape, masking foils and tarpaulins are indispensable for the professional execution of numerous manual work…

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High-quality adhesive tape in various designs is the most important basis for the clean working and masking of window sills…

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Specialists in the manufacture of high-grade masker foils for use in trade and industry, we have a proven track record that sets us apart. Our rich experience in this niche field ensures that what we have to offer our customers is much, much more than just premium materials and superior products: what we offer – over and above these – are definitive bespoke solutions that are tailored to customers’ requirements.


At the core of our product offering are our standard masker foils, reliably catering to both internal and external applications. But we also offer made-to-order foil sizes, customised packaging variants and white label products that permit the application of individual logos and are configured in accordance with customers’ mandates.

Acknowledged as European market experts, we take pride in our craftsmanship, which we ensure remains wholly congruent with this demanding market, and which is administered at our efficient manufacturing facility in Keumsan, South Korea. The Free Trade Agreement established between the EU and South Korea on 1st July 2011 has now also enabled us, in our capacity as manufacturers and “authorised exporters”, to export products to EU member states exempt of duty charges, thus rendering them more attractively priced.


Our unwavering focus on customer service and processes ensures that we partner with our international customers in a consistently reliable and professional manner. This shall remain our focus in the future, too.

We have the perfect solution for your project – according to your individual requirements. Feel free to contact us anytime by telephone, email or contact form for a personal consultation on our products and an individual offer!