Duct tape

High-quality adhesive tape in various designs is the most important basis for the clean working and masking of window sills, roller shutter boxes and also the design of patterns in the wall design on various substrates and materials in painting and plastering.

In the case of the so-called painter’s crepe or adhesive tape, the creping structure of the adhesive tape allows for a certain degree of extensibility, so that even bends, curves or even curved contours can be easily and cleanly taped and covered.


In addition, crepe tape (painter’s crepe) has the advantage that virtually residue-free detachment of the adhesive tape from window frames, doors, sockets and light switches or even tiles and floor coverings is possible.

In addition to conventional creping and painting adhesive tape, our product portfolio also offers a comprehensive range of adhesive and masking tapes for special applications and requirements, such as sealing tape, smooth tape, brown tape, armored tape, gold tape, stone tape, insulating tape, UV tape and double-sided masking tape.


For example, Goldband (or Washi Tape) is particularly convincing due to its outstanding properties such as its high heat resistance of up to 110° Celsius, its long-lasting UV stability and the possibility of almost residue-free removal even after longer periods of time.

Duct tape

Durable tape with high bond strength due to natural rubber. Ideal for use on plaster and stone. Easy to unroll by hand and separate.

width lenght unit
50 mm 50 mm 24 Rollen
38 mm 50 m 32 Rollen

UV-Cloth tape

High-quality masking tape for universal use. The tape is UV-resistant and adheres to almost all surfaces and can be removed even after a long time without residues.

witdh lenght unit
19 mm 25 mm 64 Rollen
25 mm 25 m 48 Rollen
30 mm 25 m 40 Rollen
38 mm 25 m 32 Rollen
50 mm 25 m 24 Rollen

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